About Sharon Day

Sharon DayMy name is Sharon Day.
A profound and joyful experience gave me the clarity to see the higher mission of my life. This led me to abruptly leave the corporate world. Within three months I was on the path to KNOW “it is all about others.”

Since 2005. I have operated a 501 C3 nonprofit organization, founded as a no kill, no time limit compassionate shelter for abused, unwanted, or neglected dogs and cats.

The heart of our care. for the 146 cats and dogs that reside at Healing Hearts Animal Sanctuary, comes from the place of all-encompassing love. Each animal is given care, shelter, food and a combination of holistic and veterinary care as needed and a choice of whether to live inside or outside. I also honor that each animal has the choice of when they leave. Until they are ready they receive unlimited hospice care.

I am certified in Tellington Touch which is a method of touching animals that creates a deeper bond with the human and allows healing on all levels. This has allowed many animals with unsocial behaviors to be integrated and find happiness in being with others

I give to the community in several ways. I have created an Outreach Program in which I identify homes that have chained dogs in the yard, most without shelter. In many instances this behavior is also found in the home directed toward family members. It is known as “Chained Dog Syndrome”. I provide a dog house, bedding, new water and food bowls, a 25ft. tie-out line and a collar. This allows me to approach the issues within the family. I teach them how to humanely treat their dog and at the same we speak of a kinder treatment of others. I also will meet with any organization that is seeking help with the humane treatment of animal behavior issues that result from neglect or abuse.

My ultimate mission is to share all that I have learned to bring hope to people and animals. Presently I am writing a book entitled, “Odyssey of Hope,” which has given birth to THE “i care” INITIATIVE. Now In its birth stage, I hope that this Initiative will help those in need all over the world. Presently this mission is hampered by the dire need for funding for the Animal Sanctuary.

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